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[Cool Image] 30.11.01 : Babygimp 0.41 released (have a look at the changelog)

[Cool Image] What the hell is this?

- Babygimp is an icon editor for Linux written in Perl/Tk. The goal of Babygimp was to provide an icon editor which is easy to use and easy to install but nevertheless provides enough features to create really cool icons. Since Babygimp is entirely written in Perl it is not apt for handling large images. However for small icons Perl is efficient enough.

[Cool Image] Does it run under Windows ?

- Who cares?

[Cool Image] Which extraordinary features has it?

- Currently Babygimp provides among others the following features:

[Cool Image] Can you show me a screenshot?

- Currently, only a screenshot of the main window (reduced to 75%) is available. Perhaps later i will provide more.

[Cool Image] This sounds cool - but did you tell me the whole truth?

- Since Babygimp is written entirely in perl it is of course not very fast. Therefore it is not a good idea to use Babygimp for large images (its only Babygimp, not the real Gimp). However for small icons it should be fast enough.

[Cool Image] Do i need additional packages in order to run Babygimp?

- Basically all you need is Perl and Perl/Tk.
However in order to take full advantage of the plugin support, you should have ImageMagick or Netpbm installed (this should be the case in almost every Linux system).

[Cool Image] I'm a newbie and i'm afraid of a complicated installation procedure.

- Babygimp needs no ``installation''. Just copy it somewhere in your path and set the apropriate permission (chmod a+x babygimp).
If your Perl is not located in /usr/bin/ you have to change the first line of babygimp, e.g. ``#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w'' instead of ``#!/usr/bin/perl -w''. The shell command ``which perl'' shows you where your Perl is located.

[Cool Image] I am sure, Babygimp is fucking shareware and you want to get paid for it!

- Babygimp is licensed under the GPL (Copyright Christian Lederer).

I'm tired of your long rigmarole, i want to download it!

- The current version is Babygimp 0.41 (200 k). Note, that this is a development release ( i used it extensively for a week and it seemed stable).

The elder versions are currently not available.

[Cool Image] How can i contact the author?

- Send a mail to <christianlederer@web.de>.

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